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A powerful documentary about life in the Kibera Slum, the tens of thousands of children left without
schools to attend and a volunteer group called Crossing Thresholds making a profound difference.

When resilience finds hope.

Light Within the Cracks

NYLA International Film Festival - Best
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Docs Without Border
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Manhattan Film Fest
Semi-Finalist - Dumbo Film Festival - 20

"It will shake the audience to their core and then bring them some peace of mind."

Roxanne Alese - NY & LA Film Critic

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Phillip Ennis

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Rob Reilly

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Producer/Cinematographer, Phillip Ennis, and Director/Writer, Richard Wolf take the audience on an intimate journey to the Kibera slum, located in Nairobi, Kenya. It is a seriously impoverished urban region consisting of a half million people (official estimate; over a million people by real estimates) who struggle desperately to stay alive. With its rancid, despicable conditions, the audience is immediately aware that Kibera is in a perpetual state. The juxtaposition of human beings is brutal. Disease predominates over people and animals. These images of an underdeveloped environment are catastrophic. Through the amazing eyes of the Cinematographer, and the expertise of the Editor, Rob Reilly the audience is instantaneously transported into the life of the Kibera. Many heart-wrenching scenes will have the audience begging for salvation and re-consider their own existence.

Shockingly, the people of Kibera have the perseverance of the Spirit. When the audience believes that there is no solution to the immense circumstances, "Crossing Thresholds" a non-profit organization Founded by Carter Via, give the audience, and the people of Kibera, hope. Carter Via is more than concerned, he is emotionally involved. He is a beacon for the millions who have not one necessity for survival. His mission, with many wonderful volunteers, is to build a community. Schools are being built, as well as feeding centers. A small playground for the children. The children now have a chance for education and comradeship. Hope is now quite apparent, and fear doesn't exist. "Crossing Thresholds" is a gift of love given with tremendous compassion and generosity. In this world filled with desperation, there are people like Carter Via who work endlessly to make this world a better place.

This is an exceptional Documentary of rare depth and awareness. It will shake its audience to their core, and then bring them some peace of mind. The people of Kibera are beautiful and deserve to live a good life. "Light Within the Cracks" should be seen everywhere. Perhaps, it will shine a light on all humans and they will become more knowledgeable about the unfortunate people in the world and decide to get involved.


-Review by Roxanne Alese - Film Critic NY/LA

Light Within The Cracks Laurels Nov 2020