Producer:  Phillip Ennis

Director/Writer:  Richard Wolf

Narration:  Gavin Duff, Matt Jarman, Stella Stocker

Director of Photography:  Phillip Ennis

Editor: Rob Reilly

Additional Editing & Cinematography:  Richard Wolf

Kenya Producers: Brian Odina, Mercy Otieno

Music:  Cavalleria Rusticana - Pietro Mascagni 

Sadness Piano - Sound Ranger

The Film

Duration:  54 minutes  

"Light Within the Cracks", a film set in the Kibera Slum in Nairobi, Kenya, the largest urban slum in Africa is a gripping portrait of resilience, hope and empowerment.


Filmed in cinema-verité style, the documentary follows the daily lives of young people who struggle to survive, but resolve to overcome the poor draw they got in the lottery of life. "Light Within the Cracks" explores the synergy between Kenyans and the foreign volunteers who team up with them to fight poverty, and the uplifting results that come about through this connection.


"Light Within the Cracks" embodies a strong gender component, highlighting the challenges faced by Kenyan women and their proactive attitude to transcend their social environment.  Following a dramatic arc from darkness to light, "Light Within the Cracks", in an up and close way addresses both despondency and hope. The film also includes a visual homage to Scorsese's opening of Raging Bull, adapted to the conditions of the African slum. From the journeys of compelling real-life individuals, "Light Within the Cracks" reaches out to universal emotions. Resilience and the power of human connections across cultures, continents, races and classes engage the audience and resonate in a way that is both contemporary and timeless

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The People of... 

"Light Within the Cracks"

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